Time of the month!

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No, not THAT time of the month… THIS time of the month:


Happy Days

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Craft Sale Today

Oh how much do I love doing craft fairs? Lots and lots is the answer!

The sun shone, friends came, strangers came, chit was chatted and great fun was had! You guessed it… another craft fair. I don’t think I can adequately put into words how happy and skippy it makes my heart feel.

I spent the last few evenings prior to Saturday trying to finish a few things off – some worked better than others. I was delighted with the little lavender bags and coasters, but I was rushing the clothes peg bags so left them at home for another time. I am committed to making my makes throughout the month of April in advance of the next craft fair, as don’t want the busy evenings that last week involved.

I’m looking forward to it already: 24th April, usual place!

Wanna see a few pics?


Arts & Crafts Fair

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…with frou-frou too!

Saturday 27th March,  the Horse and Jockey by Chorlton Green



Stocking up!

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80 zipsMy next craft fair fast approaches (27th March, Horse and Jockey, Chorlton) so I’m busy making and doing.  I’ve a few new things on the go so needed to get a few bits and pieces in.

Firstly I needed some 5 inch zips.  Right now I don’t need 80 of them so I really can’t explain why I bought 80 of them, particularly when they were available in batches of 10!  But 80 I bought so if you ever hear me mention a need for zips, draw my attention to this post.

I’ve been working on some new little projects for the craft fair that required the little zips and I’m really pleased with the few I’ve made so far. 


Lots of lavender


The other thing I’ve stocked up on is a big bag of lavender.  I’ve been meaning to get some for a while but whenever I saw any in shops if was really expensive for a tiny amount. 

A quick search online found Daisy Shop which had all different quantities and types of lavender available.  I didn’t go as mad as I did with the zips, but got enough to fill a big old coffee  jar for the price others were charging for enough to fill a spice jar.  I’m planning to make some little hanging lavender filled hearts and will write about them as soon as I have something to show you. 


The parcel the lavender came in smelled great as soon as it popped through the letter box.  I hope the Royal Mail enjoyed the scent as it was winging its way to me!


A Grand Day!

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I had such a good day at the Horse and Jockey Arts and Crafts Fair last Saturday.  It wasn’t mad busy, I didn’t make my fortune and I didn’t sell all my things.  However, none of that matterred.  I had lots of fun, met some lovely people, got a feel for what people were interested in so got lots of ideas and I was joined by a few friends at various times throughout the day.

Here are a couple of pictures of version 1 of my display.  After I set up I had the opportunity to move to the ‘pitch’ of someone who cancelled at the last minute so I had more space.  Unfortunately by then Caveman had left with the camera, but it was just a more spread out version of this.

H&J 30jan10 2

H&J 30jan10 1

The Horse and Jockey Fair is a regular event, on the last Saturday of every month.  I am not able to do February but I have booked for March.  I have lots of ideas and plans for new stock, so keep reading over the next couple of months for an idea of what is coming up, and put 27th March in your diary!


A day in the pub for frou-frou

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Just a quick note to say that tomorrow I’ll be up bright and early as I got a cancellation place to sell at a local craft fair.

The Horse and Jockeyin Chorlton, South Manchester, started a monthly craft fair a few months ago and after being a customer at Christmas time I’ll now be a seller!!

So if you’re free and need some treats for your valentine, or even better for yourself, come along between 10.00am and 4.00pm!

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