The White Stuff

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If you are in the UK it won’t have escaped you’re notice that Scotland and North East England are experiencing some very severe snowy weather are at the moment.  Guess where I am?  In Scotland right in the middle of it!!!  I have been here for a few days visiting family and on Saturday I left my Mum and Dads in Strathavento come to my sisters in Cumbernauld, planning to leave on Sunday to travel back to Manchester!  Well, that plan did not come to fruition.

On Saturday it started snowing and by Sunday morning there was about 12 inches of the white stuff.  Not always a problem in itself, as most of the main roads and motorways were clear.  However, my sister lives at the bottom of a very steep hill and it is the only way in or out!  I prepared the car and packed up my luggage and tried, with the help of my brother-in-law, to get it out.  It was pretty clear that wasn’t going to happen!  So back we came to the delight of the kids, who are now off school as there has been about another 10 inches of snow overnight.  Looks like I might be here for a day or two to come yet.

There are worse places to be stranded than with your family who have heating, provisions and plenty to do!

Yesterday we played outside in the snow and had a lot of fun.  I can’t remember when I last played in snow! 




We then got cosy indoors, watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and I got some crochet done.  Has there ever been a better excuse!!


Party Ring Scarf

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After seeing the beginnings of this, my second, circle scarf, my friend suggested it should be the ‘Party Ring’  Scarf.  She’s so right!!!  Do you know what Party Rings are?  Those brightly coloured round biscuits?

This scarf is for my 6 year old niece for Christmas and the candy colours are so bright and jolly, I just love them.  And yes, they are like yummy party rings!

For this scarf instead of continuing at the end of each row and working the next half of the circle, I changed colour completely, giving really quite dramatic colour mixes.

Does it make you hungry?  My sister has asked me if I can make a hat to match it.  Thank goodness for Ravelry!!





A wee custard cream?

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All the kids in my family love a particular type of treat: a custard cream biscuit!  Their normal request is

‘Can I have a wee custard cream, please?’

So imagine their delight when they saw a custard cream this size:

Personally though, I prefer a bourbon!

(Custard Cream tin, full of custard creams of course, from Marks & Spencer)


Village Life

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I thought I’d share a few things about where I grew up as I am here visiting family at the moment.  I’m in a village in western central Scotland called Strathaven, about 20 miles south of Glasgow.  My family came to live here when I was 6 months old and I haven’t actually lived here since I was 17 and moved away to go to university.

Fact Number 1:

You don’t pronounce the ‘th’ in the middle of Strathaven!  You say it like this ‘Str’aven’

Fact Number 2:

Strathaven has a castle!

Fact Number 3:

A Strathvonian invented the purl knitting stitch!  Well this has been alleged!  It is reported in many sources, such as here and here, that Purlie or Pearlie Wilson invented it.  But it is also reported, here, that:

‘James Wilson redesigned the structure so that the purl stitch could be utilized to eliminate the need for a seam. Local weavers bestowed the sobriquet, ‘Pearlie’ or ‘Purlie’ on him because of his clever modification. Long after his demise people wrongly assumed that he had earned his nickname by being first to introduce the purl stitch.’

Fact Number 4:

Harry Lauder, famous for songs such as ‘Stop yer tickling, Jock’ and ‘Bonnie Hielan’ Mary’, lived out his later life in Strathaven!

Fact Number 5: (this one’s my favourite!)

The local newspaper, Strathaven Echoes, has a column in every issue detailing ‘New Books in the Library’!  Yes, really!!!  Have you ever seen that before?  Even more interesting… the newspaper office also doubles as an ice cream shop!!!


A bed for Pillows

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Oh what a busy day!  Visiting family, lunch with my sister in law and her mum and dad, baby sitting, travelling to my sisters, taking the kids out for tea and then crocheting a bed for Pillows!

Yes, you may well ask!! Pillows?  My nephew has a new favourite bedtime toy.  His older sister had it as a baby and she has now given him it as she is too old for it, seeing as she’s a schoolgirl now!!!  When asked what it was called he declared ‘Pillows’!  Who are we to question such decidedness!

But poor Pillows looked cold and it is likely that he’ll spend many a night cast out of a cosy bed to sleep on the floor:

One hour later and Pillows has a crocheted snuggly sleeping bag bed with a hood to keep his ears warm and a happy nephew knowing Pillows won’t get hypothermia in the night!  (Oh yes, and one mad aunty who may never learn that toys don’t feel the cold!)


The Butterfly and the Pig

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As if by magic I’m now in Scotland to visit my family.  OK I admit it, not by magic, by car power!

I arrived here about lunch time and within an hour of being here I was off out with my sister in law, her mum and my mum for afternoon tea!  How perfect an arrival that was!

We went to The Butterfly and the Pig in Glasgow!  Great name yeah?!  I’d not heard of it until recently and what a find it is!  The tearoom is an absolute delight and the afternoon tea well, let’s just say we were all very full for a long time.

My favourite things about it were the mismatched crockery and old linens on the tables.  The decor and accessories are just my taste and I could have happily had all of it at home, although I probably don’t need that many tea cups!


The tearoom itself has a great mix of dressers, wooden chairs, pews and mirrors.  We sat in a window seat under a sash window, with tweed cushions – a great place to watch the world go by too!

And what was the afternoon tea itself like, you may be asking!  Well, I think these two pictures answer that question!


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