Anyone for crochet?

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I am starting to discover advantages of being ‘between jobs’.  Having time to myself during the week is enabling me to do the things and see the people I haven’t had much time to spend on or with when work gets in the way.

Friday was just such a day when I went to see Kathy for come crochet and catching up.  About 2 years ago Kathy and I were both knitters and trying to find someone to teach us the basics of crochet, but didn’t succeed.  We then, separately, discovered and took the day course at Fibre and Clay and have both spent a lot of time crocheting since then.

Kathy is a fiend for going to auctions and ‘finding’ things and has some lovely and interesting old sewing boxes full of goodies:

We were wondering if our sewing boxes will be discovered and drooled over in years to come when sewing and handicrafts have another renaissance!  I can’t imagine so but I guess the women who had these boxes originally would have said the same.

We took Kathy’s fostered (yes, really fostered) dog, Monty, for a walk round her allotments which was really an eye-opener!  I have never been on an allotment before and now I want want want!  As I live in a flat I have no garden and an allotment seems like a great idea.  However, maybe that’s just a dream because I have time at the moment. 

Brussels sprouts, leeks and onions all getting big and tasty underground:



Back home we had yummy tea and toast and set about the inaugural meeting of our newly formed crochet group.  There are many knitting groups locally but none that just focus on crochet. Between us we know a whole 5 people who crochet and decided it would be great if we could get together from time to time to share ideas, skills, projects etc.  Maybe this will grow and along the way we will discover other people to join us.  Do you live in South Manchester and fancy getting together with other crocheteers?  If so drop me a line.  We don’t have any definite plans yet but if we do develop I’ll set up a Ravelry Group and take it from there!

So our first meeting was two members and a dog called Monty.  Great things from small acorns grow!



I want to finish with showing you just one of the lovely things that Kathy has in her home.  A little tawashi (Japanese dish scrubber) in the shape of an apple slice.  Unused of course, because it’s just too darn cute to get dirty!!!


Starry, starry night!

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I really don’t need a new project as I have some Christmas gifts to make for others to give, some for me to give and 2/3 of a granny stripe blanket already on my WIP list.

However, my bestest crochet chum is working on a gorgeous project at the minute that I really want to try.  It’s the Brighton Cowl which just looks so yummy and seasonal that I am having difficulty resisting.  This picture is hers:

Picture from: Hairballs and Hatstands

I need to have a good rummage around my yarn stash (which is really very small!  Honest!!  No, really it is!!) and find a suitable yarn for this project. 

I also really like the shape of these stars – I think they would be lovely for Christmas decorations too!

I find myself with some time on my hands at the moment as I’m not in work because I have been really not coping well with the redundancy situation.  I am struggling to do day to day things but I think keeping the crochet going will help keep me sane and active, even it if isn’t getting me out of my pyjamas, the washing done or the bathroom cleaned!

Did you notice that yesterday was the first day I hadn’t posted for ages?  I kind of missed it, after the daily blogging of Blogtoberfet and my holiday.  Maybe the extra time I have will enable me to write regularly too!  I can but try!


In situ

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Is it really Sunday night already?  Why do weekend days go much more quickly than weekday days?  Maybe it’s because I don’t get up at 8.00am!

After a day that included some shopping, getting stuck in traffic for far too long getting to the shopping, playing Mario Kart with Caveman on our new Nintendo Wii we finished off the weekend having dinner with friends.  They were kind enough to cook for us and it was great to see them outside work, which is where I normally see them.

And what a delight to see the Apple Coasters I made them recently as a wedding present in situ and in daily use!  I don’t know about you, but I love knowing a gift I’ve made is so well received, so much more than a bought item.  It makes me smile!


For me? Oh Gourdy!

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This afternoon I had a good catch up with a good friend who is a fellow Crocheteer and a new blogger! 

Over a cup of tea and some jaffa cakes we did some html tinkering (doesn’t everyone?) and shared details of our latest crochet yarns and projects.  Ah, perfect afternoon!

And she had a fab present for me, a seasonal present no less:


So here’s an undulterated plug for her new website: Hairballs and Hatstands!


An apple a day

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Two of my buddies from work are getting themselves a Civil Partnership this week and I wanted to make them a little gift to celebrate.  I have settled on a set of my super cute little apple coasters which are a real favourite of mine and have been really popular with everyone who has seen them.

I got the pattern from a booklet in a magazine earlier this year (sorry, can’t remember which one) and they are really simple to make.  The basic shape is really simple as it starts off as just a few circular rounds then the last one makes the curvy apple shape with a combination of slip stitches, doubles, half trebles and trebles.  Simple but very effective in my opinion!  I have tried to adapt the basic pattern to make a pear shape too but haven’t quite mastered that yet, but it isn’t far off.  I’ll share pics of that if I ever master it.

And in case you’re wondering, all the rubbishy stuff is still going on, but I have decided that as crafting and blogging are what keeps me sane and clinging onto the planet, I am not going to let them be affected!


She’s a star!

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I’ve just completed my first ever commission!  How exciting!  So I decided to make a little step by step guide for you to share it!

I was recently persuaded to take my stock box into work to show the girls what I make.  They were very complimentary about my bits and pieces and bought quite a few things which was really lovely.  I do find it hard taking money from people I know but as they said I can’t just give things away and I don’t charge over the odds for them.  I really just cover the costs of materials and not much more.

Anyway, my friend at work was telling me that it was her neice’s first birthday was coming up when I was showing her the little embroidered pillows I’d made.  She said she would love one with her neice’s name and stars on it, so I set to work.   Here’s how I did it…

What you need:

  • Felt – for main body plus different colours for decoration
  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery thread – matching and contrasting shades
  • Stuffing / wadding
  • Buttons – 2
  • Ribbon – 1.5 x width of cushion

What to do:

1.  Cut two pieces of felt to the finished size you want the cushion to be (this one was approx 15cm x 11cm)

2.  Cut a variety of stars in contrasting felt in different sizes

3.  Lightly mark the name / text on the front side of one piece of felt

4.  Using back stitch, embroider the letters in a contrasting colour (I separated the floss down to two threads) 

5.  Embroider one of the stars to the back of the cushion


6.  Place stars around the text until you are happy with the layout and colour placement

7.  Embroider the stars in place using a variety of stitches and colours of thread


8.  Join front to back with running stitch, adding ends of ribbon at top right and left corners between the two layers (don’t worry if ribbon isn’t very secure, you’ll fix that later)

9.  Fill with stuffing before joining final edge (you could add lavender at this stage too)


10.  Sew a little button to each corner where the ribbon is joined, making sure you go through all the layers including the ribbon.

11.  Hang up and enjoy!



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