She’s a star!

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I’ve just completed my first ever commission!  How exciting!  So I decided to make a little step by step guide for you to share it!

I was recently persuaded to take my stock box into work to show the girls what I make.  They were very complimentary about my bits and pieces and bought quite a few things which was really lovely.  I do find it hard taking money from people I know but as they said I can’t just give things away and I don’t charge over the odds for them.  I really just cover the costs of materials and not much more.

Anyway, my friend at work was telling me that it was her neice’s first birthday was coming up when I was showing her the little embroidered pillows I’d made.  She said she would love one with her neice’s name and stars on it, so I set to work.   Here’s how I did it…

What you need:

  • Felt – for main body plus different colours for decoration
  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery thread – matching and contrasting shades
  • Stuffing / wadding
  • Buttons – 2
  • Ribbon – 1.5 x width of cushion

What to do:

1.  Cut two pieces of felt to the finished size you want the cushion to be (this one was approx 15cm x 11cm)

2.  Cut a variety of stars in contrasting felt in different sizes

3.  Lightly mark the name / text on the front side of one piece of felt

4.  Using back stitch, embroider the letters in a contrasting colour (I separated the floss down to two threads) 

5.  Embroider one of the stars to the back of the cushion


6.  Place stars around the text until you are happy with the layout and colour placement

7.  Embroider the stars in place using a variety of stitches and colours of thread


8.  Join front to back with running stitch, adding ends of ribbon at top right and left corners between the two layers (don’t worry if ribbon isn’t very secure, you’ll fix that later)

9.  Fill with stuffing before joining final edge (you could add lavender at this stage too)


10.  Sew a little button to each corner where the ribbon is joined, making sure you go through all the layers including the ribbon.

11.  Hang up and enjoy!




What’s been going on?

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I’ve been having (and think I still am actually having) some very peculiar technical problems which have been preventing me posting much recently as every page is taking ages to load and trying to get images up is virtually impossible.  I think the live pages are fine for most people viewing my site, but behind the scenes it’s been grinding to a halt.

However, I’m persevering and now trying Firefox, which appears to be marginally quicker… so far!!

So what have you missed?

Lots and lots of making.  I’ve been doing lots of new things and some experimenting and looking forward to sharing details.

A craft fair which was very quiet in punter terms but still a great day as I just love the chit chat and meeting folk and hanging out with crafty types.

I’ve also been really inspired recently by a particular project I’ve been involved in which is going to include a whole new website.  This may sound mad given current techie issues but I’ll sort that out or use alterative services as necessary.  I’m not going to spill the beans yet as it needs a lot more work but I’ll give general details soon.

Lots of reading.  Since I’ve not been able to write much online I’ve been reading lots online and have found some great sites and great makes.  Lots of inspiration and ideas!

Here’s a taste of projects to come, now that I’m determined to battle the technical problems.  We’ll have coasters, necklaces, hair bands, flowers, bows, purses, lavender bags and bracelets.  I sure have been a busy bee!!  Oh, and there’s been a little owl twit twahoooooo!


Shhhh, don’t tell him

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I’m not the only one who was mad scrupulous enough to do all the research before spending an age and a fortune knitting infamous Tom Baker Dr Who scarf

Tara Wheeler has set up a whole website dedicated to her Dr Who projects. Check out wittylittleknitter.

The question is… do I show Tara’s site to Caveman, who will no doubt expect me to make him all the scarves from every Tom Baker season that she has patterns for!


Puncushion Swap: The Make

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Since last weeks craft fair is done and dusted – onto the next thing…  my contribution to the pincushion swap organised by Fox’s Lane!

I’ve racked my brain and rummaged around the Internet.  I’ve ransacked my stash and I’ve routed out the ideas.  I was torn between sewing or crocheting my pincushion and I even considered a make that included both. 

But in the end I settled for crochet to make a rather simple but, in my opinion, cute little pincushion.  What swung it for me is what the recipient does for a living as it is appropriate linked to that.  I’m not going to say any more that may give away who she is but when she receives it I hope that a) she knows what it is and b) she sees why I chose it for her.

The raw ingredients:

So what is it going to be…. a donut, that’s what.  I found the pattern on Ravelry and really enjoyed making it.  I was torn between making a donut or a slice of cherry pie and given that Caveman and I have been watching Twin Peaks (again) recently it was a hard decision to make.  I just had to remember that it wasn’t for me!

I used yarns from my stash so I can’t be sure what they are for definite but I think the cream shade is Patons Smoothie.

I took lots of pics as I went along so here are the stages of the recipe:

Hmmmmm donuts! 

Don’t you love the shiny pins as sprinkles.  I need to buy some more pins to send in the pincushion as these few are from my own pincushion for artistic purposes only at present, but it wouldn’t be complete without them!  I do hope the recipient likes it when the parcel pops through her letterbox along with a postcard of Manchester and a couple of other little treats to make her smile!



Happy Days

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Craft Sale Today

Oh how much do I love doing craft fairs? Lots and lots is the answer!

The sun shone, friends came, strangers came, chit was chatted and great fun was had! You guessed it… another craft fair. I don’t think I can adequately put into words how happy and skippy it makes my heart feel.

I spent the last few evenings prior to Saturday trying to finish a few things off – some worked better than others. I was delighted with the little lavender bags and coasters, but I was rushing the clothes peg bags so left them at home for another time. I am committed to making my makes throughout the month of April in advance of the next craft fair, as don’t want the busy evenings that last week involved.

I’m looking forward to it already: 24th April, usual place!

Wanna see a few pics?


Swap Shop

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katespincushionswapI’ve never taken part in any craft swaps before but I came across Foxs Lanewhere Kate has organised a pincushion swap.  I thought this was perfect as its a little project that is going to be easily postable, not too time consuming or expensive but one that still allows lots of creativity.

The pincushions can be knitted, crocheted, patchworked or sewn.  I am so excited about making mine for my swapee, who I believe does not know who I am, so no more info for now!! 

I am currently gathering ideas and will start work as soon as next weeks craft fair is over to get my make sent off by the intended date of 16th April.  And hopefully soon after that I will receive a treat in the post too!  How exciting!

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