A new toy!

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I’ve been finding myself drawn more and more back to knitting recently, but I have a real mental block about a lot of knitting. I often love the look of it but don’t ‘get’ how it works much of the time, unlike crochet which makes sense to me.

So I have a new piece of equipment which I am hoping will help. Ok, it might be cheating, but I’ll live with that!

I have a shiny new second (third?/fourth?) hand knitting machine! It’s a funny beast, but today I managed to create this lovely precious little piece of knitting below:

(apols for the picture – it was taken on my phone as can’t find anything since I moved – camera included!)



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I was reading a month or two ago on Ravelry about someone who put a lot of time and love into crocheting a baby blanket for a close friends only to have the gift dismissed and cast aside when she gave it to her friend on the baby’s arrival.  Of course there was lots of sympathy on Ravelry as we all put so much into the gifts we make.  I have never experienced that sort of reaction but I would be very upset if I did.

Some commenters were saying that maybe the recipient didn’t know the blanket was hand made for her, or maybe she was worried about caring for a handmade item, particularly given how messy babies can be!  Both completely possible scenarios.

One of the commenters gave a link to an item she had bought on Etsy from Knit, in the form of little tags to put on crafted / gifted items with details of the composition and laundry instructions.  It is a tin of little gift tags that say ‘A hand-crocheted gift’ – there’s no mistaking that is there!!! 

They are so cute and such a brilliant and simple idea, very well executed.  When I gift a handmade item I usually give the recipient a band from the ball of yarn, but that’s not very pretty.

I bought one tin of these and had intended to give some of them to my crocheting friend whose birthday approaches (yes chick, you know who you are!) but I am not sure I can part with any of them!  Maybe I’ll need to buy some more for her.  Knit is currently away from Etsy having a baby herself but due back very soon, so have a look!


A surprise in the post

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I had a lovely, unexpected surprise in the post today when I arrived home from work. A brown envelope was waiting for me which could have contained anything from a bill to some random advertising thing. However, it wasn’t anything as dull as that. It was a lovely treat… £25 of Hobbycraft vouchers!  Whoop Whoop!

The last time I was in my nearest store in Stockport it had had a facelift and they were having a draw to win gift vouchers to celebrate.  I duly filled in my details and forgot all about it.  You see, I never win anything!  I can’t say that any more can I!!

I’ve spent plenty money in Hobbycraft and other craft shops over the years so it’s great to get a bit of it back.  I think I may use my winnings to buy some lovely Amy Butler for Rowanyarn.  Last week I treated myself to 3 balls and haven’t decided what to do with them yet.  I might just pop back for some more and get enough to make myself a bag.  Yes, that sounds like a plan!


Stocking up!

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80 zipsMy next craft fair fast approaches (27th March, Horse and Jockey, Chorlton) so I’m busy making and doing.  I’ve a few new things on the go so needed to get a few bits and pieces in.

Firstly I needed some 5 inch zips.  Right now I don’t need 80 of them so I really can’t explain why I bought 80 of them, particularly when they were available in batches of 10!  But 80 I bought so if you ever hear me mention a need for zips, draw my attention to this post.

I’ve been working on some new little projects for the craft fair that required the little zips and I’m really pleased with the few I’ve made so far. 


Lots of lavender


The other thing I’ve stocked up on is a big bag of lavender.  I’ve been meaning to get some for a while but whenever I saw any in shops if was really expensive for a tiny amount. 

A quick search online found Daisy Shop which had all different quantities and types of lavender available.  I didn’t go as mad as I did with the zips, but got enough to fill a big old coffee  jar for the price others were charging for enough to fill a spice jar.  I’m planning to make some little hanging lavender filled hearts and will write about them as soon as I have something to show you. 


The parcel the lavender came in smelled great as soon as it popped through the letter box.  I hope the Royal Mail enjoyed the scent as it was winging its way to me!


Cutest crochet

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I got THE cutest note cards on a recent visit to a garden centre with my mum and dad.  Cute tin, cute crochet and cute stationery!

Cute crochet card catCute crochet card chick

Cute crochet card bees

Cute crochet card octopus


The cards don’t have patterns for each of the cuties, but they each have their story on the back:

‘Bella, Morella and Fin are bees who love to perform.  They have just started their own singing trio, the Bee Flats.  They’ve already lined up their first concert at a local nightclub, The Hive.  The word on the street is that the night is set to be buzzing!’

Wouldn’t the chick make the cutest Easter card?


Knuts about it!

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Although leaving the house was the last thing I felt like doing yesterday I had set my heart on going to Knutsford, and going to Knutsford we did. 

My main purpose was to go to Fibre and Clay as I wanted to get some lovely yarn to crochet something for myself.  I’m right in the middle of baby projects at the moment and looking forward to using some luxury yarns and vibrant colours just for me.

As usual Riana and her team were really helpful and remembered me from their crochet course last August!  I had to admit to having not touched knitting since then, in favour of crochet.

I didn’t go tooooo mad but I did buy a few lovely things.  I chose a book which I had been looking at online a few days earlier which didn’t really appeal until I was able to flick through it.  Loop Vintage Crochet by Susan Cropper contains 30 patterns for garments, accessories and the home.

Fibre and Clay stocks a great range of yarns and had quite a few in the sale – and it turned out all the ones I chose were reduced!

 Fibre & Clay shopping

I got 7 balls of Louisa Harding’s Flotsam in a gorgeous pink to crochet a wrap from the Vintage Crochet book, 2 of Miraso Hancho, a red and purple hand dyed merino, and 2 of Rowan 4 ply cotton in a rich aubergine plum shade.  I don’t yet know what to do with the Rowan Cotton, but it is in my mum’s favourite colour so I shall make something for her with that.

So this will be my next project – the ‘Ava’ wrap from Vintage Crochet:

my next project


We also went to Waterstones and I got 3 novels to get myself back into reading, as I have got out of the habit in the last month or so.  I also got some pretty little butterfly post-it type stickers, just because they were so gorgeous – and useful as little bookmarks and place markers when following patterns.  Caveman can’t leave a bookshop without a) buying more books and b) saying ‘I just don’t have enough time to read’!  He was true to form on this occasion, but I wouldn’t want him any other way!

Books & butterflies


All in all we had a rather lovely afternoon out, followed by dinner in Pizza Express and then home for an evening playing with yarn and books!  A perfect Saturday!

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