Badges and stickers and tea! Oh my!

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Oh my! Oh Comely!  I’ve mentioned my new favourite magazine before and be warned, it’s liable to come up many times in the future too.  Actually I didn’t have an ‘old’ favourite magazine, I’m not a big magazine buyer or reader but this one really taps into the right places in my head.  

Anyway, on their website recently Oh Comely were offering a freebie of some uber-cute (did I really just say uber!) badges by Kayleigh O’Mara in exchange for telling them our favourite cat story. 

They must have liked my story because I received these goodies in the post today.  Here’s my cat story:  

A few years ago I was at my boyfriends Mums house in Edinburgh, which was a tenement flat, on the second floor! The cats came and went of their own accord when people came in and out the front door. However, on one occasion one cat decided to take the short route – right out the second floor window. Boyfriends mum squealed in horror and made for the front door. As she was half way down the stairs in a panic, the cat was sauntering up past her with its nose in the air and a look of ‘what’s all the fuss about.  

That’s why I love cats!’

Oh how I love Oh Comely!  I think their stickers show just one of the reasons why…

Tea cups and tea pots!!! 

And can you read the text at the top (sorry couldnt get very clear pics)?

‘Keep your curiosity sacred’ 



A wee custard cream?

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All the kids in my family love a particular type of treat: a custard cream biscuit!  Their normal request is

‘Can I have a wee custard cream, please?’

So imagine their delight when they saw a custard cream this size:

Personally though, I prefer a bourbon!

(Custard Cream tin, full of custard creams of course, from Marks & Spencer)


The Butterfly and the Pig

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As if by magic I’m now in Scotland to visit my family.  OK I admit it, not by magic, by car power!

I arrived here about lunch time and within an hour of being here I was off out with my sister in law, her mum and my mum for afternoon tea!  How perfect an arrival that was!

We went to The Butterfly and the Pig in Glasgow!  Great name yeah?!  I’d not heard of it until recently and what a find it is!  The tearoom is an absolute delight and the afternoon tea well, let’s just say we were all very full for a long time.

My favourite things about it were the mismatched crockery and old linens on the tables.  The decor and accessories are just my taste and I could have happily had all of it at home, although I probably don’t need that many tea cups!


The tearoom itself has a great mix of dressers, wooden chairs, pews and mirrors.  We sat in a window seat under a sash window, with tweed cushions – a great place to watch the world go by too!

And what was the afternoon tea itself like, you may be asking!  Well, I think these two pictures answer that question!



High teas and happy days

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I’ve just had one of my very favourite sorts of weekends: family, kids, cake and crochet!!  Caveman and I went to Scotland for my new(ish) niece’s christening so it was a busy and tiring weekend.  However, in between the travelling and the cake I managed to get come crochet done in the sunshine which was a joy, as I am normally just hooking away indoors in the corner of my sofa, in front of the telly and / or laptop.

Anyway, after the church bit of the christening, which I guess IS the actual christening!) we went to the Strathaven Hotel, (Strathaven is where I grew up and some of my folks still live there) for high tea.  I spent a good hour thinking, out loud much of the time, ‘now, why have I never had high tea before’.  My sister insists that I have but I really can’t remember.  High tea consisted of a main course (gammon steak in my case, other options included fish and chips), served with a cake stand full of little slices of tray bake cakes, scones, pancakes and bread and butter all washed down with lots of tea or coffee. 

Then came the pièce de résistance!  A plate groaning with homemade meringues sandwiched with fluffy soft whipped cream!  My sister and I managed not to resist several of these (each!!).  Be honest, could you?

I am ever curious about traditions and etiquette (particularly of ‘polite’ society) and had to look up the origins of high tea and found that the UK Tea Council describes it thus:

For the working and farming communities, afternoon tea became high tea. As the main meal of the day, high tea was a cross between the delicate afternoon meal enjoyed in the ladies’ drawing rooms and the dinner enjoyed in houses of the gentry at seven or eight in the evening. With the meats, bread and cakes served at high tea, hot tea was taken.

After all that food we crashed out in the lounge of the hotel where thankfully there were no other customers as 20 of us, including 4 excited children, would have soon scared them away.  We spent the rest of the day catching up, playing with the kids and taking lots of pictures of Erin in her christening gown with various family members.  I still can’t work out why she vomited on me 3 times over the weekend though!  I’m not that scary!

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with my folks, watching some football (yes, really, I watched some of the World Cup) and getting some of my hook-a-long blanket done.  In the process I competled my first full cycle of all the colours!  Yee ha!!!

I read a lot of crochet and craft blogs and often people refer to it being too dark to take pictures of their works and waiting for an opportune time.  I am no expert in photography so wasn’t too sure what this was all about, thinking hte flash made up for it – until I was able to take the pictures below in my sisters garden.  Don’t the colours look great?  Don’t I wish I had a garden and didn’t live in a flat?  Yes to both!!

I have now started on the second round of each colour now and I am jolly well delighted with it; the neatness, colour order (despite all the pondering).  Can you spot the little mistake?  I am going to handsew two little imitation crochet stitches in to put it right.

Now I’m back in Manchester to the same old wondering, as I sometimes do, why I live so far away from the people who are most improtant to me!!  Ah well, such is life!


How much tea is too much tea?

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Teeny Tiny Teacups

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‘They couldn’t be more YOU if they tried’ said Caveman as I found these earrings in Accessorize!  They just had to be mine!

teeny tiny teacup earrings on table

teeny tiny teacup earrings hanging

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