Circles Scarf Revisited

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I can’t hide the fact that I became a little obsessed with the Circles Scarf from Inside Crochet Magazine, issue 11, designed by Linda Permann – I’ve raved on and on about it often enough on here!  In a bid to share the love I have posted before about how that actual pattern can be found, but there are some other versions of the same technique that can be used to give similar or alternative effects too.  So read on if you don’t mind that you too may become hooked!

The design and pattern for the Circles Scarf are by Linda Permann and she has written a post about it on her own blog found here!  Linda has said that in a few months she will be able to offer the pattern for sale as a pdf file, but in the meantime it is available in a digital copy of Inside Crochet magazine on Yudu.  It will cost £4.99 on Yudu, which is the same price as the paper copy of the magazine when it was published, so no loss buying it that way.

Following my last post about the pattern I was contacted by Sunshine to tell me that this technique is called yo-yo crochet!  Not only is it shown on her website, Sunshine’s Creations, she’s written a book about it called Learn to do Yo Yo Crochet

I found that details of how to use this technique aren’t widely available online, but I did find this free pattern, on free-crochet, that uses it in a square form which can be adapted into other shapes or rows fairly easily.  You need to register to download this pattern, but it’s worth it if you want to know how.

And there’s more… a flickr group too!  The group contains many different styles using this technique, some of which aren’t in my taste [sorry], or my types of colours, but they show off the technique very well.

I’ve also found it called a ‘medallion’ too, but both medallion and yo-yo crochet have many different variations so it’s not as easy as googling it to find instructions on how to create it.

I found a basic description of the technique on Patchwork Crochet, if you scroll waaaaaaay down to the bottom of this page.  It also shows you how to add a border around the circles to give a different type of finish.

And finally, the lovely Heather has been trying really hard to track down the issue of Inside Crochet with the circles scarf pattern in it and eventually got a copy on Ebay! 

So, I hope this info gets you up and running with the technique.  If you grow to love it as much as I do leave a comment or send a link to your site.


On my broomstick

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As I mentioned in last weeks Happy Stats I have been investigating broomstick lace / crochet and managed to get my head round the fundamentals.  So off I went with my broomstick!


There are so many places online that describe how to tackle this so much better than I could, so I won’t even try.  What I will say though is that it needs 3 hands, so I was on a losing battle from the off, along with a normal crochet hook and a broomstick, or a similar sized and shaped stick type thing to make the loops.  I used the biggest knitting needle I have which is 15mm but I think a bigger one would have been better, or even a bit of broom handle or dowelling.

So without the aid of a 3rd hand I managed to get off the ground.   It’s rather unusual technique in several ways, not least because you work from left to right making the loops, so it all feels a bit back to front!


I love the look of the loops crossing over each other.  It somehow reminds me of art nouveau styling.  Does that make sense, or is that just in my day dreamy head? 

I think it would be great as a scarf, cushion cover or even some jewellery items.  I still need to work on getting the hang of it, 6 rows does not an expert broomstick crocheteer make!  But as a starter I am impressed with the technique and will stick (sorry, no pun intended! Honest!!) with it!!

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